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Only about 2% of the membership of the American Psychological Association is African American. There is also substantial evidence to indicate that African Americans are bound to receive better mental health services from a provider of African American descent. It is hard to understand the implications until you want to see a psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist that would understand you, and there is none within your reach. You then begin a search that takes a lot of effort and yields minimal results. You eventually give up on the search and the chances to improve your mental health.
Several factors hinder African Americans from seeking and receiving quality healthcare. There is the fact that access to healthcare is not available and readily accessible to African Americans as it is to the rest of the country. There is also a stigma associated with mental health issues and seeking mental health services. Even seeking basic mental healthcare continues to be frowned upon in some communities. The fact that there are very few African American mental health practitioners complicates access to mental health care significantly. Black Mental Health Support was created to uncomplicate access to mental health services. We exist to bridge the gap between African Americans and mental health services. After you make the unpopular decision of seeking mental health services, you shouldn’t have to struggle to find a provider, one that you are sure will get you.
Black Mental Health Support helps your mental health journey by providing a list of African American mental health service providers. This list includes therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. We also offer resources on general mental health. We believe that finding mental health practitioners with ease would significantly improve the mental health journey of the average African American. We understand the struggles associated with seeking mental health services. When you beat these struggles and seek care, you should find help without having to scale more hurdles.
Working Mission
Black Mental Health Support exists to decrease the stigma of mental health in the black community, encourage African Americans to engage in therapy, and increase accessibility to African American mental health providers.
We hope to be a safe, professional space where African Americans can find mental health providers and valuable resources.
Core Values
Our work is driven by love, compassion, and transparency. Mental health plays a critical role in the quality of life a person leads. We care about you and want to see you thrive.

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